YSO The Other Side

  • 3sat Topic: "What connects us"

    The topics were the concept of nation, identity politics and a social contract for the future. For the talk, host Vivian Perkovic welcomed Austrian philosopher Lisz Hirn, German political scientist Naika Foroutan and Swiss publicist Roger de Weck as guests. The inset films for this program were produced by YSO Film: in Zurich we met the writers Adolf Muschg and Lukas Bärfuss as well as the philosopher Katja Gentinetta, in Berlin we interviewed the political scientist Herfried Münkler, the journalist Ferda Ataman, the sociologist Roland Verwiebe, and in Vienna it was the cabaret artist Lisa Eckhart and the sociologist Laura Wiesböck.


  • Ma Vie: Fatih Akin, ARTE, 1.12.2007

    One day in February 2004 changed his life, although Fatih Akin was already a well-known director before that. The Golden Bear at the Berlinale for his film "Against the Wall" made him world famous at a stroke. His continuing international success since then shows that Akin's films are no longer just about the sensitivities of guest workers and their children. They are universal themes that Fatih Akin describes. His film "On the Other Side" also won awards. It won the prize for best screenplay in Cannes. Ma vie accompanies Fatih Akin on his triumph in Cannes, but also shows a completely different side of the director. From the hustle and bustle of the film festival, the film moves to the coast of the Black Sea. There, in the village of Camburnu, Akin shoots a long-term documentary about the construction of a garbage dump and the effects on the lives of the inhabitants: "Garbage in the Garden of Eden." Camburnu is the village of his grandfather. For "Ma vie," Fatih Akin had himself accompanied while filming. The result is a portrait that stands out for its special closeness to the director. Fatih Akin is a great romantic. His success is due to his belief in great emotions. To a world full of opposition, Akin contrasts the value of friendship and love. Despite the simplicity of this basic conviction, Akin surprises again and again with his crossover style. In this way, he remains unpredictable and creates space for new ideas. "I get bored with filmmakers who have had success with their signature once and then pull the same boot over and over again."

  • The RBB Reporters, "The Treasure Hunters", 7.1.2017

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    For RBB, we follow the volunteer archaeologists of Brandenburg and Berlin in their archaeological work. We were present at the recovery of a medieval silver hoard, at the investigation of a former castle in the Uckermark region, and at many other discoveries. 

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    On the trail of the past...
  • ARTE, Culture: Humor and Muslims - What are they actually laughing about?

    Are Muslims humorless? Where even a caricature can be a death sentence, prejudices and fears have an easy time. The topic of "humor and Islam" has many aspects. We show personalities who use their humor to combat prejudice and intolerance. Among others: the Egyptian entertainer Bassem Youssef and the Turkish journalist Aydin Engin from Cumhuriyet. 

    The film was first shown on ARTE on 28.9.2016.

    Thanks to co-directors Sabine Jainski and Faruk Hosseini. YSO Film would like to especially thank Nadia Khiari, Samia Orosemane, Kheiron, Bassem Youssef, Ahmed al Basheer, Aydin Engin, M.K. Perker, Ahmed Shah, Bahadir Baruter, Idil Baydar and Abdelkarim.